For most of my adult life, I have been writing fiction – my first love. Since September 2007, after decades of completion avoidance, I put aside all my excuses and began to work seriously. Until I realized that “always wanted to be a writer” meant I had to finish the work I had started before I could say, “I am a writer”, I had thousands of words on reams of pages, some of which are now published, along with books written while riding on public transport to my day job, books written on sleepless nights, books written while the children were napping or in school.

Some of my recent posts are on this site. I also write about my work and writing process, philosophies, books and social commentary at Everwriting: passion for writing*. I am a member of the group blog, Classic and Cozy and Avalon Authors (now an archive). All of my posts from Avalon Authors are also available on Ink on the Carpet.

A new feature! I have added a new section that features my novel, Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls, my second contemporary novel, first published in 2012. This section includes exclusive articles and posts about the themes that are explored in the novel. I hope you’ll find time to look at Salsa.

*These posts are also included here, EverWriting @ Leigh Verrill-Rhys, or follow the link on the sidebar to EverWriting Posts.