A Note to My Fellow Writers

Thank you so much for your messages to me regarding my response to the RWA, published in the February issue of RWR, about an article that called for romance authors to write in a way that is compliant with a “correct” ideology.

I was shocked to discover that the author of that article isn’t a member of the RWA yet the editors allowed her to dictate to members about their content — content that should and can only be determined by the writer. Far from recognizing the censoring intent of that article, the editors have, seemingly, continued to endorse that intent by publishing further politically corrective pieces.

If we allow such interference in our work we capitulate to the dictates of political correctness and are, therefore, Cultural Marxist compliant. We will be complicit in silencing ourselves and corrupting our own voices.

I truly appreciate that you took the time to respond directly to me with your support.

Please keep writing in your own voice about the ideas that matter to you. I intend to do the same.

Very gratefully yours,


Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Novelist

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