The House on the Hill

I have just finished the first typescript draft of Pavane for Miss Marcher: nineteen chapters, 82,223 words, 277 pages including Dedication, Acknowledgements and End Notes. The manuscript is three A5 notebooks, one of which was the salvaged leftover portion from another manuscript.

With the printing of the first 40 pages, the scrutiny begins.

Does the story flow? Do the scenes move the story forward? Are the characters believable? Are there gapping holes and profound errors? Do the setting, time and place convey a sense of reality? Is there enough historical content? Are the historical facts correct? Is the history important to the story?

And the clincher question every author wants to know: Will anyone want to read this book?

If I can make it through a first reading without tearing the typescript to shreds, all may very well be well.

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